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Why is Depureco the best choice?

  • Standard Class M filters (1 micron filtration efficiency)
  • High surface filters up to 40,000 cm2 on portable compact machines
  • JetClean® semi-automatic filter cleaning system with guillotine by standard
  • High quality and certified Made in Italy filters
  • Possibility of installing a HEPA H14 absolute filter
  • 24-month warranty

In the world of surface treatment, the industrial vacuum has a crucial role. Choosing the wrong vacuum cleaner can be very dangerous as well as representing a significant cost in terms of productivity. This is why Depureco has chosen to include a standard class M high surface area filter (filtration efficiency of 1 micron) in all of its vacuums and offer the option of including a Hepa H14 absolute filter (filtration efficiency of 99.995% on 0.18 micron) on all models.

To work with fine dust safely and smoothly Depureco has designed the innovative JetClean® semi-automatic filter cleaning system:


In order to guarantee the highest level of safety and practical use without precedent in the Depureco range, the Longopac dust collection system can be used on many models. With 20 meters of bag in sturdy anti-static polyethylene, it is possible to collect fine dust and debris, including dangerous, in complete safety without the risk of contact or inhalation for the operator.


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