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Are you sure you have the right solution for the cleaning and the maintaining of your CNCs?

With a Depureco vacuum you can:

  • Earn on saved production time
    Instead of experiencing long machine downtime and the subsequent costs of lost production, with the power of the Depureco’s vacuums you can clean your CNC tanks in just a few minutes.
  • Save on resources appointed to cleaning
    It is not necessary to involve more people in cleaning the tanks. With Depureco’s vacuums one operator is enough to quickly perform cleaning on your CNCs in complete safety.
  • Earn by extending the life of the lubricant
    It is essential to filter and clean the tanks. Proper cleaning significantly increases the life of the lubricant by adjusting the PH level and therefore the bacterial concentration.
  • Increase worker safety
    The risks of contact and inhalation of lubricant oils are very high, especially during tank cleaning and maintenance activities. With Depureco vacuums the risks decrease considerably, shorteing exposure times and reducing the possibility of contact.

Depureco vacuums, an investment that will be paid back in less time than you think.
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