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Why choose Depureco?

  • Standard Class M filters (1 micron filtration efficiency)
  • High surface filters with filter cleaning system
  • 7 Manual and automatic filter cleaning systems
  • High quality and certified Made in Italy filters
  • Possibility of installing HEPA H14 absolute filters
  • 24-month of warranty

Each machine is designed to be safe, powerful and fast. Contact us for a free consultation. Our technicians are at your complete disposal without any obligation.

In many companies of different production sectors, problems can arise from fine and dangerous dust. The sedimentation of dust in the lungs can cause serious damage to the healt of the operators.

Minimising the risk of disease resulting from the inhalation of toxic or dangerous dust such as tumours, fibrosis and leukaemia, is a challenging but not impossible undertaking.

The manufacturers of industrial vacuums normally install category L filters with a filtration efficiency of 3 micron on their machines. At Deureco each machines, even the most compact and economical, is equipped with a Class M certified primary filter with a filtration efficiency of 1 micron. In addition, the range features 7 filter cleaning systems, both manual and automatic. On all models it is possible to install an absolute HEPA H14 filter with a filtration efficiency of 99.995% on 0.18 micron.


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