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What more does Depureco offer?

  • Motors and certified blowers on each model
  • Standard AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Standard safety valves
  • Standard certidfied Class M antistatic filters (filtration effciency of 1 micron)
  • Certified electric components
  • The possibility of installing passive safety devices such as explosion vent panels and check valves
  • Solutions with an immersion tank where the material is submerged in liquid
  • 24-month warranty

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Depureco has always prioritised safety. The ATEX range was designed to guarantee maximum safety while maintaining high extraction performance. A broad and complete line with machines that range from the most compact to high power ones with a power of 20 kW or more and centralised systems, including complex ones with various types of automations.

A dedicated technical office offers the best possible pre and after sales assistance, supporting the customer in every aspect.

All Depureco Atex vacuums are suitable for the extraction of dust, including explosive dust, so far as it is compatible with the risk area and certification of the purchased vacuum.

Attention! Many vacuums on the market, generally the most economical ones, are certified to operate in explosion risk areas but are not suitable to extract explosive material. We always recommend asking and checking with the manufacturer of the vacuum whether the machine is suitable for the extraction of potentially explosive material and to read the user manual carefully, in order to be sure that it is not forbidden to extract explosive products.


What is ATEX?


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